How to create a location reminder?

(12/31/2013) Check out the dedicated blog for Rainbow Shopping List for the latest tips and tricks.

Requirement: Pro Version (How to check whether you’re using pro or free)

1) Open up the reminder page by either

(a) Long-pressing on a list, or


(b) By using the dropdown menu next to the list name where the items are showing



2) Touch Add Reminder to add a new reminder



3) This is how a new reminder looks like. Both the time reminder and location reminder are inactive by default. Tap on a reminder to edit.


4) Once your in “Edit Reminder”, select a location by pressing on the button indicated by 1 in the following picture


5) To complete, tap on the ON/OFF toggle button indicated by 2 in the image above.

6) Make sure that you’re location reminder status now shows “ON” and your location reminder is ready to go!